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Why is it Important?

Building a downline is important because it allows you to leverage the work of others who are in the program. This means that you can earn commissions without having to make sales directly. You can build relationships that last a lifetime and motivate others to do the same. The reality is you will build a list and an income that offers instant and residual income.

How Do I Get Started?

The easiest way to get started is to join the Multi-Downline Builder Hub (MDB HUB) and follow the path set fort by successful team leaders and coaches. Set a specific goal and you can choose to work at your own pace. You can design your own 3-month plan or follow the plan by the Downline builder owner(s). Click the link to get started right away.

What is a Downline?

A downline refers to the people you have recruited after you joined a program and whose sales or own referrals generate income for you.  A downline can thus provide multiple levels of compensation (hence the designation Multi-Level Marketing) depending on the compensation plan which differs according to each company.
Source:  Successful Business Online Org

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